Meet the friendly staff at Ellington Center Animal Clinic P.C.!

  • Tracy Livingston
    Client Relations Supervisor

    Tracy has lead our front desk team since January 2019.  She is a long-time Ellington resident with a lot of community experience and a great love for animals.  In addition to work, Tracy enjoys camping and loves the seasonal camper community at a local campground.  She lives with a beautiful husky x lab mixed breed dog named Piper that she refers to as her 'grand-pup'.   

  • Maria Phelps
    Veterinary Receptionist

    Maria joined our reception team in March 2019 with more than 25 years experience in the veterinary field.   She has been a technician and worked in a variety of hospital settings.  She has a lot of knowledge and experience, but mostly enjoys helping people with their beloved pets.  

  • Rachel Anderson
    Veterinary Receptionist

    Rachel is 2021 graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University.   She has a bachelor's degree in history, and has taken a decade's worth of animal care, retail, dog walking and pet sitting experience and joined the front desk team at the Ellington Center Animal Clinic.   She has a lifelong passion for animals and is a very kind and giving person.   She very much enjoys helping people care for their pets.   

  • Dylan Pincince
    Technician Supervisor

    Dylan is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and has been working on our team since May 2010. He was promoted in March 2018 to Technician Supervisor, providing leadership, training and supervision to our veterinary support staff. He has 2 cats (Whisper & Fenster), an Amazon parrot named Timmy, , a duck named Delores and occasional wildlife guests while they rehabilitate. He enjoys assisting the veterinarians, trying to improve and enrich the lives of the patients. “I enjoy observing and experiencing the special bond between man and animal. Every personality is unique and each animal has personal adaptations. Although not all personalities are agreeable, for the most part, animals are more agreeable than humans, at least to me, most of the time.'

  • Kristin Morrison
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Kristin is a certified technician and graduate of the Becker College Vet Tech Program.   She is married and a mom of 2 teenage boys.   She has been involved with breeding and showing dogs for well over 30 years.   Her family has a cat named Waldo and many, many Schipperke dogs - all with their own unique personalities.  Kristin believes that animals have a way to see your soul and know what you need instinctively - whether that be a quick cuddle or a full embrace or even that sweet look from across the room.  Kristin is an important part of the Ellington Center Animal Clinic team and enjoys working in the team / family environment. 

  • Gina Manes Willard
    Veterinary Technician

    Gina has a bachelor's degee in biopsychology and has been a veterinary technician for over 12 years.  She and her husband have a daughter and two pets - a special needs cat named Crayons (FIV+, one eye and no teeth) and a rescue southern hound mix breed dog named Chocolate.    Gina enjoys working with a team that enjoys caring for animals in an extremely loving, gentle, yet also efficient way.  She believes that animals represent everything humans should strive to be like - happy, loving, forgiving, innocent, gentle and realistic.

  • Agnes Sarna
    Veterinary Technician

    Agnes is a polish immigrant to the U.S., graduated from Northwestern Connecticut Community College with a vet tech degree and enjoys animals of all kinds - life without animals would be boring!  Agnes lives with a  Catahoula-Leopard mix and a Labrador Retriever, Willy & Peebs.   When not at work, Agnes enjoys hiking with the dogs, making puzzles, traveling and spending time with family.  

  • Jeffrey Sandone, Jr
    Veterinary Technician Trainee

    Jeff and his family have 2 dogs (Polly and Lil Ricky) and a turtle named Hank.    He earned his veterinary assistant certificate from Asnuntuck Community College and joined our team in January 2020.   Jeff's favorite thing about animals is their lack of judgement and their ability to live in the present.   Not surprisingly, Jeff enjoys meditation and yoga as well as juggling, cycling and music.  

  • Katelyn Daniels
    Veterinary Assistant

    Katelyn has been a Veterinary Assistant with our technical team since September 2020.   She is friendly and enthusiastic about pets.  She has worked in puppy day care and veterinary kennels since 2014.  

  • Alicia Ortiz-Alvarez
    Veterinary Assistant

    Alicia earned her bachelor's degree from Bay Path University and has a passion for working with animals.  She and her husband live with two dogs - Layla & Odin, a Springer and a Shepherd.  She knows there is never a dull moment with pets and appreciates the unconditional love that animals give.  Alicia has a very caring, outgoing and friendly personality.  When not caring for animals at work, she loves to cook and bake for family and friends.  

  • Melissa Pratt

    Melissa works hard to keep our clinic spotless!  She has her own cleaning business, but works with us part-time and is an important member of the team, as we strive to maintain a healthy and clean environment.  

  • Ron Caron
    Practice Manager

    Ron is our practice manager. He is responsible for overseeing client services, human resources, community relations, payroll, inventory, bookkeeping, and website development. “We are very fortunate to have clients who view their pets as members of the family. Our staff works hard to make the experience at the veterinarian's office to be as comfortable as possible - for both people and their pets.”

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