Meet the friendly staff at Ellington Center Animal Clinic P.C.!

  • Chelsea Loomis
    Veterinary Receptionist since August 2017

    Chelsea is a full-time Veterinary Receptionist responsible for front-desk, telephone, online and in-person client service experiences. She is a certified Veterinary Technical Assistant (VTA) through the Animal Behavior College. Chelsea is the proud mother of two children and the family enjoys playing outside, hiking and going to the beach. They have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and an iguana. Chelsea loves all animals because they are always happy to see you. Chelsea enjoys her role as Veterinary Receptionist at a small practice because she gets to know clients and patients.

  • Erika Haynes
    Veterinary Receptionist since June 2018

    Erika has been a life long animal lover and advocate. She graduated from Bolton High School and Manchester Community Technical College. Erika has worked in small animal veterinary hospitals for over ten years in North Carolina and Connecticut before joining our team. Erika enjoys helping clients and pet patients. She has a passion for companion animals of all kinds.

  • Tina Brunelli
    Veterinary Receptionist since September 2018

    Tina is a full-time veterinary receptionist.  She has worked with animals all of her life.  She is dedicated to caring for animals of all kinds, including her own horses, dogs, a pet rabbit, sugar gliders, and rats.  Tina loves helping pets stay healthy and enjoys working in a welcoming environment.  

  • Dylan Pincince
    Technician Supervisor since May 2010

    Dylan is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and has been working on our team since May 2010. He was promoted in March 2018 to Technician Supervisor, providing leadership, training and supervision to our veterinary support staff. He has 2 cats (Whisper & Fenster), an Amazon parrot named Timmy, , a duck named Delores and occasional wildlife guests while they rehabilitate. He enjoys assisting the veterinarians, trying to improve and enrich the lives of the patients. “I enjoy observing and experiencing the special bond between man and animal. Every personality is unique and each animal has personal adaptations. Although not all personalities are agreeable, for the most part, animals are more agreeable than humans, at least to me, most of the time.'

  • Wendi Butler
    Veterinary Technician since May 2018

    Wendi is a Veterinary Technician who has been in the field since 2013. Wendi & her husband have 4 beloved pets, 2 dogs (a lab-boxer rescue named Cleetis and a French Bulldog-Pug cross named Riddim), 1 rescue cat named Autumn and a chinchilla named Cheech! Obviously, Wendi loves animals, but she especially loves happy tail wags and unconditional loving licks. Pets are wonderfully loyal and seem to have never-ending love and devotion.

  • Olivia Rasmussen
    Veterinary Assistant since March 2018

    Olivia enjoys her role as a Veterinary Assistant because she loves the interaction with furry patients and she is gaining a lot of experience and knowledge. Although she is a phlebotomist, she has chosen a career path working with animals. She lives with her dogs Mia and Tater, her cat Simba and a bunny named Lepus.

  • Mia Desroches
    Veterinary Assistant since December 2017

    Mia and her family have two cats, Pip & Po. She has a Veterinary Assistant Certificate from Asnuntuck College. She enjoys working with companion animals, has a special fondness for Corgis, and loves that pets brighten up your day. Mia is an avid reader and movie watcher, but also enjoys physical adventures like hiking and soccer. At Ellington Center Animal Clinic, Mia enjoys working closely with the doctors and veterinary technicians and learning something new every day.

  • Ron Caron
    Practice Manager since April 2004

    Ron is our practice manager. He is responsible for overseeing client services, human resources, community relations, payroll, inventory, bookkeeping, and website development. “We are very fortunate to have clients who view their pets as members of the family. Our staff works hard to make the experience at the veterinarian's office to be as comfortable as possible - for both people and their pets.”

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